WMS Software for NetSuite

The premier warehouse management system for NetSuite-connected companies

ShipHawk’s NetSuite WMS Solution

Companies that are growing quickly and scaling operations to the next level traditionally have had two options for a warehouse management system (WMS): limited functionality designed for low-complexity operations or solutions that the largest companies in the world use that require intensive multi-year projects and massive budgets.


This is where ShipHawk WMS built for NetSuite fits in: an agile, highly-flexible WMS that embraces best-in-class practices of the big WMS solutions yet is deployed as an easy-to-use solution designed to address the fast-paced demands of scaling companies.

Features of ShipHawk WMS for NetSuite Platform

ShipHawk WMS built for NetSuite features:

  • Unmatched user experience
  • Easy-to-use receiving and directed putaway
  • Built-in cross-docking
  • Continuous wave optimization
  • Flexible omnichannel pick strategies
  • Dynamic and responsive scan-pack
  • Next-level shipping capabilities
  • Focused and prescriptive cycle counting
  • Insightful visual analytics

Benefits of ShipHawk WMS Integration for NetSuite

An elegant NetSuite-integrated WMS can save companies from countless unexpected and costly problems and enable businesses to increase warehouse inventory accuracy and order integrity.

Other benefits of utilizing ShipHawk’s NetSuite
WMS solution include:

  • Leverage license plate best practices for
    inventory traceability
  • Ensure order accuracy with flexible scan-pack
  • Meet with customer-required documentation
    and packing requirements
  • Minimize costs while increasing throughput
    with the same staff
  • Compliance with EDI labeling and
  • Enable inventory accuracy with advanced
    cycle counting
There's so much information available allowing us to see the status of all operations at any time and prioritize the workforce to address the priority issues of the day" Joey Busby | Warehouse Manager, KALALOU

Improve NetSuite ERP and WMS efficiencies

Labor is the largest expensive in any distribution center so labor inefficiency has a massive direct impact on the bottom line. ShipHawk WMS can help you achieve greater labor efficiencies at a reduced cost and increase throughput. Other key benefits of ShipHawk WMS include:

  • Leverage your distribution centers to work efficiently
    and reduce wasted time
  • Minimize to only essential travel of people and
    inventory in the warehouse
  • Maximize space/cube utilization and storage costs to
    existing space
  • Optimize the placement of inventory
  • Use task sequencing and scheduling
  • Reduce exceptions and see your team’s throughput
  • Minimize inventory handling

Properly executed bin utilization makes efficient use of your entire warehouse

When assessing quantity and location, it is common to find a few cartons in a bin location that has space for a full pallet, or a bin for every item where some nest nicely together in a single bin and may even be sold together often.

Our team will work with you to establish your best bin utilization improvement opportunities so you can get every inch possible in your current and future spaces. Some areas of opportunity for better utilization are the velocity and capacity of:

  • Dock space
  • Aisles
  • Cross aisles
  • Storage lanes
  • Wasted rack space
  • Wasted bin space
  • Processing areas

How important are license plates in a warehouse?

The use of license plates becomes invaluable as you increase the number of SKUs sold, increase the number of employees that travel the warehouse picking items, and need accurate tracking of every item at all times.

Here is a sample list of data captured and accessible when using license plates:

  • Item
  • Quantity
  • Serial number
  • Lot number
  • Location
  • Inventory Status
  • Manufacture date
  • Expiration date

Frequently Asked Questions

How is ShipHawk WMS different from NetSuite WMS?

While NetSuite WMS can help out businesses with low complexity and low order volume, companies that don’t fit that criteria struggle to keep up due to functionality limits. With the combination of NetSuite’s ERP and ShipHawk WMS, scaling companies can take advantage of tier 1 WMS functionality and features without the timeline and investment required. In addition, ShipHawk WMS can also leverage ShipHawk’s advanced shipping capabilities.

What makes ShipHawk WMS different from competitors?

Unlike many other WMS providers, ShipHawk WMS isn’t limited by functionality constraints that can reduce the success of the WMS implementation. ShipHawk WMS enables NetSuite customers to make minor changes to meet use cases without becoming a customized solution.

I’m not on NetSuite but am in need of a WMS, do you integrate with any other ERPs?

As an API-based solution, ShipHawk WMS can be integrated with any ERP or source system that allows third-party connectivity.